Master Mission


New Feature 「Master Mission」 Added!
Master Missions are permanent mission objectives that require you to 「clear a specific quest」, 「defeat a specific enemy」,
or a variety of conditions that rewards the player once completed during a certain time limit.

Missions will reset and get replaced at regular intervals. It should be noted that once a mission is cleared,
you can still claim your rewards up to 1 week after the mission's deadline has already passed.

New Item 「Saint Quartz Fragment」 Added!
This new item 「Saint Quartz Fragment」 will be added as rewards for clearing Master Missions.
You can receive a Saint Quartz from the exchange shop by collecting 7 fragments.
You can exchange these items by selecting the 「Saint Quartz Exchange」 menu while in Da Vinci's Workshop.

※ Saint Quartz received from this exchange are considered FREE.

Current Mission

Reward Distribution
When a mission objective is cleared, you must manually claim your reward by pressing the 「Master Mission」 icon on the
bottom area of your screen, then selecting the missions you've completed.

Mission Period
January 23, 2017 (Mon) 0:00 to January 29, 2017 (Sun) 23:59
No. Mission Objectives Reward
1Defeat 3 Servants with 「Lawful」 alignment
Saint Quartz Fragment x1
2Defeat 3 Servants with 「Chaotic」 alignment
Saint Quartz Fragment x1
3Defeat 10 「Servants」
Saint Quartz Fragment x1
4Defeat 15 enemies with 「Skeleton」 type
※ Skeleton Soldiers and Dragon Tooth Warriors
Saint Quartz Fragment x1
5Defeat 15 enemies with 「Fiendish」 trait
※ Skeleton Soldiers, Ghost, Demon, Werewolf, Sea Devil, Demon Boar, Hermit Crab, etc.
Saint Quartz Fragment x1
6Defeat 30 enemies (except Servants and some Bosses)
Saint Quartz Fragment x1
7Clear all 「Master Missions」 for this week
Saint Quartz Fragment x1
Recommended Areas
Quests were you can easily complete the Master Missions are listed below.
Quest Target Traits
Red Stained Harbor
(Fuyuki: Unconfirmed Coordinates X-D)
Skeleton Soldier x8 Skeleton x8
お月見 団子集め 中級
Tsukimi Dango Gathering Intermediate
Dragon Tooth Warrior x6
Marie Antoinette x1
Sanson x1
Skeleton x6
Lawful Servants x2
お月見 団子集め 上級
Tsukimi Dango Gathering Advanced
Ghost x6
George x1
Martha x1
Fiendish x6
Lawful Servants x2
お月見 団子集め 超級
Tsukimi Dango Gathering Expert
Demon x1
Caligula x1
Altera x1
Fiendish x1
Chaotic Servants x2
お月見 団子集め 女神級
Tsukimi Dango Gathering Goddess
Shadow Stheno x1
Shadow Euryale x1
Orion x1
Chaotic Servants x3

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